Initial Training Networks - Mag(net)icFun

List of Projects

  • Polymer functionalized carbon coated nanoparticles as high capacity platforms for transition metal catalysts and reagents
  • Dual, covalent/non covalent functionalized carbon coated nanoparticles for biomedical applications
    • Functional monomers for catalytic magnetic nanoparticles with improved performance
    • Controlled multifunctionalization of magnetic nanoparticles
    • Multifunctional Magnetic-fluorescent Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications
    • High capacity polymer/silica coated NPs for applications in hydrogen purification and photochemical degradation of pollutants
      • Carbon coated magnetic nanoparticles with minimal background protein binding properties
      • Handling, mixing and separation of magnetic nanoparticles on a cubic meter scale
      • Design of magnetically recyclable chiral organo-catalysts for highly enantioselective and efficient asymmetric transformations
      • New departures in magnetic nanoparticle-supported catalysis: involving the support in the catalytic cycle
        • Investigation of the effects frequency, amplitude, magnetic field geometry and particle surface functionalization on oscillating nanomagnetic gene transfection
        • Investigating the in-vitro magnetic properties and bio-location of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles
          • Evaluation of nanomagnetic gene transfection in commercially important cell types
          • Magnetic Particle Remote Targeting and Activation of Cell Receptors for Regenerative Medicine and Pharmaceutical Drug Screening

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